Messages From The Small Country Church (revised 2020)

Messages From The Small Country Church
Readings, Sermons, Observations, and an invitation to more than donuts! (revised 2020)
By Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer

In this day and age of “bigger is better,” even our churches are starting to follow suit. The alarming trend that is occurring now in America is the assumption that if a group is big, it must be right; if a church is bigger than others, it must be (therefore) even “more” right.

This assumption isn’t correct! This nation was built and has become what it is today (or at least what it was) one small church at a time.

Many of those small churches are still with us, right where they were first necessary – still necessary today. They are occupied by Christians who meet every first day of the week and many days in between, gathering to give the first of their week to worship He who is to be first in Spirit and in Truth…

and then continue through the week to support one another in blessing and grace.

With this book—a compilation of readings, sermons, observations, and an invitation—the Reverend Dr. C. Joseph Fifer (Pastor Joe), who continues to serve the small country church, seeks to give voice to the message that millions still receive through the small church in America, in the hope that it might be recognized and encourage a return.