The Reverend Doctor C. Joseph Fifer holds degrees in Theology, Ethics, and Divinity. He is an Ordained Minister of the Christian Faith and is the called Pastor to a small country church now in rural Alabama that is similar to thousands of small churches throughout America still today.

Like many of the pastors of those churches, he has spent a lifetime and more than one career gathering true life lessons to bring a real-life understanding to the pulpit. His expository preaching through these lessons makes them worth exploring and experiencing.

With a sense of duty and a call to serve, Pastor Joe began in the enlisted ranks of the United States Marine Corps, became a police officer in South Florida where he and his wife raised their family while he commanded a major narcotics unit among other duties and then retired in order to “serve” the higher calling that the Lord has always had upon him but now in a far more personal, and intimate way.

Raised Roman Catholic, reformed Lutheran, “re-reformed” Evangelical Lutheran, and formally trained in the Lutheran, Wesleyan, and then Evangelical traditions, his claim is now “Christian” and call is to Christ.

His belief and focus is that Religion and faith, even (and especially) our corporate expression through worship is best practiced and most effective in the small, intimate setting of “real” love and fellowship that you find in the small church between the pastor and the people, the people, and the people and the pastor, all bound in “Spirit and in Truth”.